Our Services

Our Services

Air Freight

We offer comprehensive domestic and international airfreight services. with our presence in multiple countries and a strong network of agents, we can provide secure and efficient shipping of goods anywhere in the world. Air freight is all about quick shipping and the convenience of customers, we make sure that your goods are delivered to you in a time-efficient manner while ensuring absolute safety. Being a logistics service provider for more than 3 decades, we are capable of handling 600tonnes of air cargo annually, these numbers are continuously increasing as we are evolving as a technology-driven driven organization. Charter services, Consolidation, and worldwide door to door to delivery are a part of our esteemed services covered under air freight. Our robust presence in multiple states in India and Overseas helps us to deliver the finest air freight services.

  • Global Network
  • Charters
  • 600+ Tonnes Of Cargo Handling Capacity
  • Consolidation

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is an important part of logistics. We at Swift Freight Moovers are committed to delivering extraordinary and hassle-free ocean freight services with the help of our international presence and an extensive number of exclusive agents to keep your cargo on the move.

We have reached the milestone of successfully handling 2400 TEUs of ocean freight with our dedication and immense hard work. Our decades of experience and good network benefit us to move your cargo at the earliest possible time even at the time of space congestions at the ports.

  • CHA
  • Warehousing Services
  • Distribution
  • Worldwide Delivery
  • Less Than Container Load (LCL)
  • Full Container Load (FCL)


Relocating to a new place holds different challenges like moving, packaging, and ensuring the safety of goods. Swift Freight Moovers knowledgeable team makes your relocation experience hassle-free with our comprehensive relocation services We have the fortune of being a member of the HouseHold Goods Forwarders Association Of America (HHGFAA) and on the panel list of the Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA). These recognizations make us one of the leading international relocation service providers.

  • Packing
  • Transportation
  • Unpacking
  • Door Delivery Globally
  • Competitive Rates

Temp. Control / Pharmaceutical

Swift Freight Moovers provide dedicated services for pharmaceutical movements. Our professional team and a robust cold chain system allow us to manage Time-Critical Shipments with ease and on time globally. We understand the importance of shipping pharmaceutical goods and hence have a dedicated team for handling cold chain logistics activities. We have access to special containers & trucks needed to maintain the required temperature for medicines and vaccines.

  • Chain Supply
  • Reefer Containers
  • Time-Critical Shipments
  • Medicines
  • Vaccines


We have exceptional logistics solutions to import & export automotive parts across the countries. big or small we can handle any automotive shipments with ease with dedicated shipping for faster deliveries

We ensure Damage-Free transit with precise and secure handling. To assure extra safety, we use sturdy wooden crates. for a smooth shipping experience, we assist our customers with the necessary documentation required to export/import automotive parts.

  • Expertise in Automotive Parts Handling
  • Dedicated Services
  • Documentation Assistance
  • Global Import/Export

Air Charters

Our expertise in providing air charter services helps your business to ship urgent or important cargo that needs quick and secure shipping to dedicated destinations. We precisely survey the goods and find the exact aircraft that suits your requirement and budget. Time-Critical, pharmaceutical, or bulky automotive shipments, we assist you in every step from loading/unloading, documentation, or delivering the shipment to the required destination. Our air charter services are extremely flexible,
affordable, and dependable.

  • Dedicated Locations
  • Custom Clearance Assistance
  • Affordable
  • Supply Chain Management

Custom Brokerage

Customs clearance can be a complex procedure as understanding process and the documentation required for customs clearance is complicated. We have industry experts as a part of our team to assist you in every step and procedure to make the custom documentation and clearance process hassle-free and quick. Having industry experts guiding you for the customs clearance will make sure that your shipment is shipped legally and is never delayed because of the documentation.

Being a Tech-Driven logistics provider, we strive to make the best use of technology to make the documentation paperless to minimize the impact on the environment. Digital paper processes also help in faster approvals and quicker shipping times.

  • Decades Of Industry Experience
  • Easy Documentation Process
  • End To End Assistance In The Customs Clearance Process

Land Freight / Transportation

No matter what mode of shipping you choose, air or ocean for your shipment. shifting goods from their actual destination to airport or seaport will require inland transportation. our fleet of trucks is well equipped with advanced features to shift your goods from one place to another, safely and swiftly. We are capable of handling all types of goods, be it heavy, oversized, or Time-Critical. our fleet of trucks also includes reefer trucks to shift temperature-sensitive goods like medicines, vaccines, fruit, vegetables, etc. our transportation services are spread globally to deliver your goods right at your doorstep.

  • Inland Transportation
  • Reefer Trucks
  • Time-Critical Shipments
  • Door To Door Service